A nova linha de torneiras Kludi Ameo recebe o reddot award 2017

KLUDI_Silke Kersting

A Kludi Ameo é caracterizada pelo seu extraordinário design que reflete a tendência corrente do design moderno para o minimalismo suave.

KLUDI_AMEO_410290575_PP_hoch_V03KLUDI AMEO – Single-lever basin mixer

The newest series of KLUDI fittings, which premiered at ISH fair, was proudly given one of the most important awards in the field of industrial design – the Red Dot Award. An independent jury appreciated the design as well as the functionality of the KLUDI AMEO fittings.

Every year thousands of products compete for the Red Dot Award. However, it is only given to distinguished and innovative products which set new trends. The jury appreciated KLUDI AMEO’s quality, unique design and high functionality which led them to bestowing this honour upon KLUDI.

KLUDI AMEO is characterised by its extraordinary design, which reflects the current trend in modern design towards soft minimalism. Sound, visually uniform design connecting simple form with rounded lines makes KLUDI AMEO an ideal option for a luxurious bathroom.

KLUDI_AMEO_V00MKLUDI AMEO – Single-lever basin mixer

Functionality was also a key component in the eyes of Design Zentrum Nordhein Westfalen when granting KLUDI AMEO the Red Dot Award. Thanks to its ergonomic elements, precise flow and temperature adjustments, your bath is comfortable and safe. Also, elements not visible at first glance have contributed to the success: reliable ceramic cartridges and s-pointer eco aerator, which allows you to save water as well as adjust the angle of water flow as needed.

The Red Dot Award for KLUDI AMEO is an additional confirmation that it fits with the expectations and needs of the most ambitious designers wanting to live in beautiful and functional abodes.

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